Can you immagine our faces when our friend and utterly talented customiser
Luis presented us this beauty?
A true Caffè Veloce bike? With our livery on top?
>From the stylish paintjob to the neat details like the rear light carved out
of a moka filter, plus loads of other crazy details that make this bike a
true piece of art.
Had we become a cool brand whose image already deserved to be applied on
Or more simply, the honesty and authenticity of our passion had reached our
friends and fans, who then wanted to dedicate to us their talent in return?
Oh what a warm feeling, a mix of pride and true joy…
Those perfect proportions and delightful details…
That sound…..
We had to run and pour a warm cup of coffee to fully enjoy that moment…
May our Caffè Veloce bike travel far and safely for years to come.

Veloce Like a Bike