Mr.Martini is pretty much the most famous Italian customiser.
His style is eclectic and he brings together distinctive proportions with finely crafted details.
He’s been toying with Triumphs, Ducatis and Guzzis for several years and his creative strength seems to be getting bigger and bigger, instead of fading into hard earned laurels…
In January 2016, Mr.Martini unveiled his latest project: its name is ‘Special’ and it’s by far the coolest bar we can think of…packed with insane bikes, stylish accessories and…well, of course Caffé Veloce steamy espresso.
Ok, now listen here, if you within a 200Km radius from Verona and you don’t go and pay visit to ‘Special’, you might as well start knitting, sipping herbal tea…
Got the message?

Mr Martini