Box with 10 Nespresso® compatible capsules, individually wrapped, in order to preserve their aroma.
Did you get it? Each capsule is sealed in its own sachet, so that each time you open one, you’ll understand what 100% Italian roasted coffee means.

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Ingredients: Robusta Grand Cru and uber-fine Arabica. You’ll hardly find a better one.

 Origins: a refined blend of Brasilian and Central American Grand Cru Arabica coffee, whose aroma is enhanced by a hint of spiced and full bodied Indian Robusta coffee. We did an awesome job…

 Roast: Medium. We love precision.

 Characteristics: distinctive personality and very fine details. You’ll see…

 Tasting notes: well-balanced blend between fine layers of flavour and intense structure. Full bodied but with distinctive spicy and tropical fruit notes. Strength, aroma and acidity have found a new amazing balance. To be enjoyed with great music…

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