Box with 10 Nespresso® compatible capsules, individually wrapped, in order to preserve their aroma.
Did you get it? Each capsule is sealed in its own sachet, so that each time you open one, you’ll understand what 100% Italian roasted coffee means.

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Ingredients: Arabica coffee from Brasil, Center America and Caribbeans, together with Robusta from India. An unbelievable journey…

Origins: Bringing together the most intense Arabica from Brasil, Center America and Caribbeans, with an incredibly refined variety of Robusta we discovered in India, we were left gobsmacked by the result. Tell us what you think…

Roast: Medium. The only possible one for such a concert of flavours.

Characteristics: Creamy, intense and rich in its aroma. Drink it without getting distracted. As if you were driving along very very fast bend…

Tasting notes: Notes of citrus, chocolate aftertaste and a hint of toasted bread. Authentic flavours, we don’t waste time with marketing stuff, in here there’s a whole world of emotions that is ready to explode. Like a tank of fuel…

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